There is a movie that is popular online and it is a story about human beings,animals and be honest I could not watch it for a few minutes because it is too bad.
The funny thing is that the heroine wears a leopard zentai to tell people that she is a half-human-half-leopard.
I have no idea if they do not have money enough or they really think Chinese people are easily to be fooled.There are some screenshots below:

Do you love superheroes?of course,not all women love to be look like strong or powerful and most of us prefer to be sexy hero like cat woman,right?It must be very boring if all of us dress up to be the same hero.Besides,girls are always creative and so you can find a lot of deadpool costume that are in different designs and usually most of their costumes and outfits are custom made.

Recently there are a lot of sexy deadpool ladies.When mention deadpool,maybe this guy is new or strange to you unless that you love marvel comics because there is no movide about him yet(but there will be one in 2016,I guess).Most of those deadpool ladies are comic or cosplay fans but they did a great “overthrow” on how this hero looks like:sexy,rather than funny and cool.
The interesting thing is that there are even some deadpool lady comics produced.

And there are some models who used deadpool costume as the sexy apparel for photographing,which is very common now.

As a hero fan,you must want to have a costume that is authentic and cool and most of us want it to be as same as the one in the comic or movie.You must know that these costumes in the movies are very expensive and let along its high price,usually we can not buy it.So many people keep looking for these costumes.

In fact it is very easy if you know zentai costumes.Zentai is a kind of full bodysuits and its main fabrics are lycra spandex.You must know the spiderman costume covers spiderman fully,right?and so if we add wes,spider logos and other details to a zentai,a replica suit is done,right?

it is the amazing spiderman 2 costume in the movie

It is a zentai costume and don’t you think it is cool?the amazing thing price is around 70 bucks.
Zentai costumes are very popular recently as they give people a chance to cosplay as their favorite superheroes.maybe you will worry if you can not find a zentai costume for your favorite hero bcause the hero you love does not wear a suit that covers him fully.Let me take green lantern as example.

In the movie the costume does not cover the head but it covers gloves and feet

It is a green lantern zentai costume,see how cool it is.
Maybe the hero you love does not wear a suit that covers feet,hands or head and so there is no zentai costume for it?Not exactly.We know that the main fabrics of zentai costumes are spandex lycra and so they include those lycra spandex regular costumes.For example,super girl

Her costume does not cover her head or feet or hands


This beautiful outfit is a zentai costume too.
With the huge needs for replica costumes,many zentai companies like “Zentaizone” work hard to make their products more comic/movie look and usually the printing skills they use are silk screen printing and sublimation printing .


As parents are you worrying about your kids who love to play computer games?and until now you still do not have a good way to deal with that?No worries,I will give you the most effective way that is very easy too.
Japan brain specialists says the brain waves of kids who play computer games for a long time and Alzheimers are similar.Have you noticed that your kids are scatterbrained,aggressive and have explosive temper?Besides if you kids play computer games very often and long,their vision will decrease.
So we need to act now to save them being infected by computer games.specialists suggest that we need to make our kids to enjoy in real life and try to let them love books,music,sports and etc.but they did not tell us the effective ways.Because you will find that your kids will go back to computer as long as they have time and we do not want to force them to read books or listen to music,which does not work at all.So what we need is that find something that is more enjoyable and interesting than computer games

My way is easy but it definitely will work:a cool and authentic ultimate spiderman zentai

You must know your kids love ultimate spiderman because these ultimate spiderman movies and computer games are very popular among kids.
So with this untimate spiderman zentai,you can fulfill your kid’s hero dream and he must be very excited when he wears it on.Of course,he will wear it to do many real games and works,which can immensely decrease his computer time.then the chance arrived and if you make a correct guidance,you will successfully turn his focus on other things like handwork.
Note:the ultimate spiderman suit must be cool and authentic


SM is originated from Japan and all the adults in the world know it.Of course,some people love and enjoy it and it is a mainly a private game for lovers and couples.But to common people,we won’t talk about SM in public and let along that share own SM stories via photos or videos.
But something changed recently years because you will find a lot of photos related SM and the strange thing is that these photos are shared and read in public and they are not illegal at all.Why?
The reason is simple:these photos are not thought related to “sex”but art.


If you pay attention on that,you will find that these wearers are dressed up with a kind of full bodysuits(people call them as “zentai” too).Unlike traditional sexy clothing,these full bodysuits cover the wearers fully without showing any skin.
With these suits,the models and makers can show their ideas on SM without any concern or worries.they are quite smart,Because even they wearers are not naked,their curves show perfect.these tight full bodysuits are like their second-skin to make them look very sexy.

It is a moved story.Jayden Wilson,a 5-year-old boy had cancel and he can only live about one year and he loves spiderman a lot.
To make everything perfect,his father spent much time on learning American English and spiderman’s movement and made all the lines with his wife.
We hope and cross-finger that a miracle will happen to Jayden and big thumbs to his great father Michael.

Michael wore a spiderman zentai to give son a big surprise.

Michael wore a spiderman zentai to give son a big surprise.

Because his son loves spiderman a lot and so Michael decided to “cosplay” as spiderman and appear in the front of his son to give him a big surprise.

Michael told his son that he was going to buy him a birthday gift outside and later he wore on his spiderman zentai and jumped in the front of his son.


Excited son forgot to wear shoes.


Jayden never recognized the spiderman is his own father.


Sexy lingerie add much joy and sentiment to our marriage life and every girl has several sexy lingerie and we keep looking for different ones.
But it seems that these lingerie are not fresh enough now even thought new styles and designs are created everyday.
There is a phenomenon: many women wear zentai suits for their husband instead and the number of the wearers is creasing fast.Zentai,as a kind of second-skin tights,will make the wears look ultimate hot and sexy but their skin won’t show,which definitely will add fresh atmosphere to your romantic time and your husband will be amazed and love you more.
it is said that many women did not know zentai until their husbands buy them as a gift.The Christmas is coming and maybe you can buy a zentai to your wife as a gift this year?

On Valentine’s day there were several the flash women appeared in subway,which surprised all the people there.The most interesting thing is that they asked strangers to marry it true?or just a commercial sensationalization?

These girls who wore metallic the flash superhero costume shocked many young men who were asked questions.”Hello,do you have a house?if so,let’s do the flash marriage”.it seems a kind of joke but these girls seemed to be very serious and all the men who were asked questions would be given a flower as a Valentine’s gift.

See there were 4 girls who wore the flash superhero costume and all of them are very beautiful.Because we did not see any commercial elements in their activity(there were not ads/logo on their suits) and so I think they were trying to find a man who has a house to get married but it seems ridiculous? By the way,the flash runs fast but it does not mean that he should stand for flash

To many men who love zentai,their biggest dream is that their wife or girl friend would wear zentai for them very often and about 90% of them think that they will be the luckiest guys if their wife or girlfriend wear one during sleeping.

I guess I know the reason. to them a girl looks very sexy and hot if she is fully covered by lycra fabrics because her skin is very smooth and her curves show off perfect and she looks like wear nothing.

So do you have every tried to persuade your girl to wear zentai?I think it is an easy job as long as you buy her one and let her knows that she will be much more attractive than she wears common sexy clothing like lingerie,bikini and so fact zentai is a great substitution for lingerie.

“Harry Potter” Daniel cosplayed as “spiderman” for San Diego Comic-con and this is an interesting topic to spiderman fans.

But to my opinion,he is not a real fan for spiderman.Why?check out his costume that has very loose neck and it is not authentic enough.I think what he wore was a spiderman morphsuit.Usually these suits are simply printed with webs or spider logos on,which is totally different from the costume in the movie.

I do think he will look much better if he wears a spiderman zentai costume that has raised up webbing and spider and many fans have known where to get a cool spiderman zentai with a little money and yes,it is zentaizone.

For example,if “Harry potter” wore this costume below,don’t you think it would be an amazing thing?